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Financial planning for Women In Tech

Essential Tips To Take Charge of Your Financial Wellness


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Barbie Unboxed: Financial Advocate and Feminist Views

Subscribe for more episodes to delve deeper into the intersection of women and money on this incredible podcast hosted by Hazel Secco, CFP, and CDFA. Tune in to a women and money podcast that is genuinely honest and bold, offering insights and tips through Hazel’s personal and professional lens. Join us in this candid episode… Read More »Blog

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Navigating Divorce Finances With a Certified Financial Divorce Analyst

By Hazel Secco, CFP ®, CDFA ® Divorce is a complex and emotionally charged life event, encompassing not only the dissolution of a personal relationship but also significant financial implications. Navigating the financial intricacies of divorce requires expertise, and one key professional who plays a crucial role in this journey is the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA).… Read More »Blog

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Navigating Divorce Finances: Post-Divorce Expenses To Watch Out For

Written by Hazel Secco, CFP ®, CDFA ® Key Takeaways There exists a widespread misconception regarding divorce, portraying it as a matter predominantly resolved by legal professionals such as a divorce attorney. Divorce indeed involves a legal process, where individuals file legal documents to initiate the separation. However, it’s important to recognize that divorce attorneys… Read More »Blog

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Maximizing Social Security Benefits After Divorce: A Comprehensive Guide


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