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What We Do

We empower you to feel confident about your financial decisions.

The persistent gender pay gap underscores the need for continued efforts towards gender equality. Until we bridge this gap, our commitment to empowering women in all facets of life remains unwavering.

During the interview with the Founder of Align Financial Solutions, Hazel Secco, CFP ®, CDFA ®

Our Services

We offer a vast range of services for our clients to optimize their financial future.

Investment Management

Review of Portfolio

Total Asset Allocation

Investment Time Horizon

Investment Objective

Investment Risk Profile

Retirement Planning

Tax Implication Analysis

Employer Benefit Maximization

Income Distribution Optimization

Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)

IRAs/Roth IRAs

Tax Planning / Analysis

In-kind Transfer

Tax Harvesting

Capital Gain/Loss Management

Roth Conversion Strategy

Divorce Financial Planning

Budget Projections

Tax Implications

Divorce Financial Advice

Retirement Planning After Divorce

Estate Planning Updates

Social Security Maximization

Social Security Retirement Benefits

Maximize Social Security Benefits

Divorced Spousal Benefits

Survivor Benefits

Spousal Benefits

Risk Management

Comprehensive Policy Review

Insurance Needs Analysis

Long-Term Care Insurance

Longevity Risk in Retirement

Liability Coverage Review

Align Financial Solutions and LPL Financial do not provide tax or legal advice or services. Please consult your tax or legal advisor regarding your specific situation.

Who We Serve

We are financial planners for women’s financial wellness.

Women after divorce

We specialize in retirement planning for women post-divorce. We have a profound understanding of women’s financial challenges post-divorce as a certified divorce financial analyst.

Independent Women

As a financial planner for women, we advocate for women’s financial wellness. We help independent women just like you to make smarter financial decisions with confidence.

Women In Tech

Many tech employees face concentrated stock risks with RSUs/Stock options. We help them understand tax implications and build strategies to balance their portfolios over time.

Young Families

We help young, high-earning families in building their wealth. While they may not have significant savings yet, they are committed to shaping their financial future. Our role is to help them define their goals and navigate the path to financial wellbeing.

Enthusiastic Students

We help women who are motivated to understand their finances and eager to improve their financial future. We guide them to make informed decisions. They are often ready to make changes to better their financial future.

Good Listeners

We help women who are open-minded and receptive to advice from industry professionals. Typically, they are motivated to optimize their financial life without sacrificing too much of their free time and energy.


Do you have a minimum account value you work with?

We are not a typical financial advisor. We help you build the financial life you want around your specific needs. Our options include a flat fee for financial planning, an hourly fee for specialized planning like divorce planning, an asset under management fee for investment management, as well as combinations of these options to create a customized engagement model. To learn more about our process, click here.

Hence, we do not have a minimum requirement for assets under management. To learn more, contact us.

What is your fee structure?

For a flat-fee financial plan, the cost starts at a minimum of $1,800. The exact price may vary based on the complexity of the plan.

Regarding portfolio management and investment strategy, the fee structure is determined by the total value of your household accounts and how the portfolios are structured. Our fee falls between 0.9% to 1.1%. It’s important to note that this fee structure is intricate as each portfolio is tailored to individual goals and timelines. Hence the fee structures are in variations from case to case.

Reach out to learn more.

What happens if you see us as not a good fit?

I’d be delighted to connect you with other qualified advisors who may align better with your specific needs. Please don’t hesitate to schedule an initial complimentary call to get acquainted with our firm and our approach. I strongly believe that certain relationships flourish when there’s a strong alignment in focus and values. Ensuring that we’re a good fit is not only important for you as a consumer but also vital for me to maintain a high level of passion, expertise, and relevance to your unique situation. Rest assured, I’ll always provide candid guidance on whether we’re the right fit for you. Your satisfaction and confidence are paramount.

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